Barry Blum

We welcome you to be with Kona Beth Shalom Saturday June 23rd at 10:30AM when Barry Blum leads our monthly Shabbat service at the Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden. Vic Greenspan reads from torah parsha Chukat,

Vic Greenspan

‘the Rule’ (Numbers 20:1-21:10).

It starts with Israel setting up camp in the wilderness of Tzin, which is near the town of Kadesh in the northern Negev south of Be’ersheba. Miriam, the one who can always find water, dies and is buried there.

HaShem instructs Moses how to bring water. It is here where Moses loses the right to enter the Promised Land with the people. Moses then starts Israel on the last trek, to the Jordan crossing.

Marvin Feldman will deliver a drash inspired by the parsha and following services stay for kiddush and kibbitz at a potluck oneg. If you can, bring a dish to share, but no pork or shellfish please.