Thanks to all of those who came Sunday to participate in our annual meeting and sukkah celebration at the home of Ruth Ader and Sherril Cawn.  Vic Greenspan did a fantastic job putting together a sukkah for us. 
We are excited about our final event of this season of chaggim as we celebrate Simchat Torah this Friday 6pm at the Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden. 
PLEASE HAVE DINNER PRIOR TO THE EVENT as we will not have a regular potluck; but kiddush, challah and baked dessert/fruit (please bring some to share) will follow the service.
Members of  Kona’s Traveling Jewish Wedding Band will accompany the Hakafot, where we dance with the torah. We will read the end of the fifth book – Ba’midbar (Deuteronomy) and the beginning of the first book of  Beresheet (Genesis).  This involves rolling the Torah and so we will get to see all five books and the beautiful calligraphy of our Holocaust Torah.
Please save the date for our next Saturday morning shabbat service on Oct 28th at 10:30am at the Hawaii Queen Coffee Garden.
Shavuah Tov, 
Vivienne Aronowitz