I hope you all had a inspiring Pesach. We had a wonderful community seder attended by close to 60 people.
Our regular 4th Saturday shabbat service will be this weekend on April 22nd at 10:30am at our home in The Shops at Mauna Lani. Trina Yerlick leads the services; Aviva Plaut and Vic Greenspan read torah; and Marvin Feldman does the drash. The parasha this week is Shemini, which discusses the fate of Aaron’s sons and includes laws on kashrut and ritual purity. A potluck follows the service (NO pork or shellfish, please!). We welcome all those who have an interest in Judaism.

Upcoming events

Second Saturday Torah Study is at the Feldman’s home May 13th.
There will be no shabbat services held in May as we will celebrate shabbat and Shavuot on June 2nd, 3rd and 4th with Rabbi Daniel Lev. More information is posted on the website calendar.
The book club is taking a break at this time and will resume in the fall..

Hope to see you soon.


Vivienne Aronowitz

Board President.