Please join Congregation Kona Beth Shalom for Shabbat Services this Saturday June 25 10:30 AM at the Mauna Lani Shops # 109 (upstairs next to the Monstera Restaurant). Dr. Barry Blum leads the service this week as a kind of aufruf  to precede Gloria’s and his 50th wedding anniversary coming up soon afterwards. Rabbi Natan Segal joins Barry for what  promises to be a lively and informative service.

The torah portion this week is Beha’alotecha (When You Raise Up, from Numbers 8:1 – 12:16). It will be read by Aviva Plaut. Beha’alotecha describes the Israelites departure from Sinai, beginning with directions for lighting of the Menorah. God also commands the making of two silver trumpets which are to be sounded at the time of setting forth on the journey.

Rabbi Shefa Gold, our High Holy Days rabbi in 2008, explains that in this portion we hear a story of murmuring and rebellion in the wilderness. Despite being given their freedom and begin well fed with manna, the Israelites long for the onions and leeks they ate as slaves in Egypt. Rabbi Gold explains how she used to think that if only she didn’t have such resistance she could really do her spiritual work …and then realized that recognizing and confronting resistance IS her spiritual work.

A potluck oneg will follow. Please bring a little nosh to share (NO pork or shellfish, please). Kona Beth Shalom welcomes all who wish to strengthen their connection to Judaism. We hope to see you there,