After a brief hiatus, the monthly Torah Study resumes this Saturday, August 4 at the home of Louise and Marvin Feldman in Captain Cook.

The parashah this week is Eikev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25) with Moses advising the Israelites of how to enter the Promised Land after their decades wandering in the desert; and he also warns of dangers if they stray from the righteous path, as vividly demonstrated in the story of the golden calf.

Study begins at 10:30AM and ends around noon followed by a potluck lunch (no pork or shellfish, please). No knowledge of Hebrew or previous study is necessary. The study will be group led. If you do not have a tanach please print out a copy of the week’s parashah. There are many versions available on-line and no one version is preferred. A variety adds to interesting discussion.

We look forward to seeing you at Torah Study and deepening our understanding of our Book and its relevance to our Judaism. Please RSVP to