The individuals whose names are shown here once lived on Hawaii’s Big Island and were members, family or friends of Congregation Kona Beth Shalom. We show the dates of their passing to enable us to remember their yahrzeits, shown according to the English and Hebrew calendars. May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal light. To determine any yahrzeit date, please go to Today’s Yahrzeit Date & Calendar Converter.

It is traditional to light a candle at sundown on the eve of the yahrzeit date. During the KBS Shabbat service before or after the yahrzeit we invite mourners and those observing yahrzeit to say aloud the name of the deceased at the time we recite the Kaddish.

It is also customary to perform an act of tzedekah at this time. If you wish to make a charitable donation to Congregation Kona Beth Shalom in memory of your loved one, please see our donations page.

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May the Source of peace send peace to all who mourn,

and comfort to all who are bereaved.