* = KBS member
English DateHebrew DateBiography
Norman AllenNov. 12, 202025 Cheshvan 5781Norm was 81 when he died at his residence in Hoopuloa. He was born Dec. 21, 1938 in Los Angeles. He was a yoga master, the first American to learn Ashtanga yoga from Pattabhi Jois in India and after he moved to Hawaii he continued to teach Yoga. He paddled outrigger canoe with Keoua Canoe Club and could literally walk across the pier on his hands. He is survived by his wife, Purna Zei, one daughter, two sons, a brother and sister, and three grandchildren.
Arthur ArianSep. 19, 200626 Elul 5766Was Bar Mitzvah as an adult at the Naniloa Hotel in Hilo on May 25, 2000 in a KBS service highlighted by an opening Hula and followed by a performance by Kona's Traveling Jewish Wedding Band.
Tillie Atkins*Jun. 11, 199724 Sivan 5775Wife of Robert Atkins, died at age 85 at home in Kealakekua. She was an accounting and records manager at Irvine Pacific Mortgage
Marlyn AxelrodMay 6, 20001 Iyar 5760Alan Axelrod's wife
Alan Axelrod*Apr. 2, 201322 Nisan 5773Born in Feb 1924 in Boston, he was a retired textile executive and past president and founding director of Kohala Hospital Charitable Foundation.
Tana Hecht BasaDec. 6, 20133 Tevet 5774A Terezin holocaust survivor when she was age 3. She became a nurse. Converted to Mormon and lived in Naalehu
Josef BaschJul. 19, 200210 Av 5762Concentration camp survivor and then an officer in the Israeli Army.
Al Beer*Jun. 11, 200311 Sivan 5763Al was on his way home from attending shiva for a friend in northern Israel when a suicide bomber brought an abrupt end to his life on a bus in Jerusalem. Al came to Kona from Cleveland where, much to his surprise, he reconnected to his Jewishness. He assisted in many of KBS’ activities and ultimately decided to make aliyah to Israel. His death sent "absolute shock" through the Orthodox Union Israel Center where he volunteered and had attended lectures for approximately one year. “Often wearing Hawaiian shirts, Beer looked more like a tourist than a volunteer,” one of his Israeli friends fondly recalled, adding that "he would always brighten everything up, he always had stories. He had a religious soul and knew a lot about everything.”
Ed Belfordbefore 2005 ?Owned the Capt Cook Mini-Mart
Katrina "Trina" Bellak*May 28, 20061 Sivan 5766An attorney, lobbyist and founder of the American Horse Defense Fund. She worked for a member of the US Congress and in the West Wing of the White House during the Clinton Administration
Elaine BermanFeb. 23, 202112 Adar 5781Elaine (Schneider) Berman (Eta bat Mordechai v'Bedonna), mother of Shari Berman, grew up in Chicago and married at 18. She had four children by age 28, and ten months after her 4th child she moved to Japan to live in Ashiya, Kobe for a year with her husband just in time for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

After Japan, the family lived in Cleveland, OH for nine years, lived in Lynnfield (Boston) MA for six years, Stamford, CT for four years, W. Palm Beach FL, (near her father) for 30 years and St. Louis Park (Minneapolis) MN for nine years. She divorced her first husband, Irwin Z"L, after 42 years of marriage in 1996 and married a man 12 years her junior, John. John passed away in 2012.

Elaine was a Jill-of-all-trades. She worked briefly in an office before marrying and then went back to work in her 50s and was a very successful insurance agent who specialized in Medicare supplements and advocacy for her elderly clients that were being bilked and over-billed by those willing to take advantage of them for their age.

Elaine was good at crafts. She earned a flower-arranging license in Japan (fast-tracked in one year as she was moving back to the US). She completed dozens of needle point art, made some of her own designs and owned a needlepoint shop in Lynnfield, MA. She was considered quite the ingenue in her day, but never smiled in pictures because she believed that smiling in photos caused wrinkles.

She passed away in Minneapolis after a short battle with pneumonia.

Irwin Isaac BermanDec. 8, 200617 Kislev 5767Shari Berman’s father. Born in Chicago, he was an international shoe manufacturer who, with Japanese know-how, created the classic running shoe, “Converse World Class,” named by his then 9-year-old son, Russell. Irwin lived in Kobe, Cleveland, Boston, Connecticut and W. Palm Beach. He was back in Boston when he passed away, but laid to rest in Minneapolis where Russell currently resides.
Lottie BernstoneMar. 16, 20135 Nisan 5773Mother of Mike Bernstone and Norma Edelman
Nate BernstoneJan. 24, 200017 Sh'vat 5760Father of Mike Bernstone and Norma Edelman
Bernie BernstoneJun. 22, 202111 Tamuz 5781Mark “Bernie” Bernstone, son of Michael and Ruth Bernstone, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 52 on June 22, 2021 in his home in Delray Beach, Florida. He grew up in Denver, where he had a 50th birthday bash. He moved to California where he was a 3D software specialist, designing Pac-Man games for Namco, before he went into his own web design business. He helped to design the new KBS website along with Una Greenaway's daughter, Mara, Alan Silverman and Elaine Dobinson. He later also became a certified massage therapist and Reiki master, and led meditation sessions on Zoom. Bernie loved his cats and crafting, making beautiful origami and wood crafts among others things. He always made himself available to help others. His kindness and laughter will be missed by all his family, many, many friends and business associates.
Fannie BernzweigMar. 5, 19763 Adar 5736Sara Nealy's grandmother
Melvin BernzweigMar. 2, 20017 Adar 5761Sara Nealy's uncle
William BernzweigOct. 23, 20048 Cheshvan 5765Sara Nealy's uncle
Lorraine BernzweigMar. 29, 20172 Nisan 5777Sara Nealy's mother
Abraham BernzweigJun. 6, 196810 Sivan 5728Sara Nealy's grandfather
Eli BernzweigDec. 21, 201813 Tevet 5779Sara Nealy's father
Louis BersackNov. 10, 19868 Cheshvan 5747
Rose BersackSep. 2, 198516 Elul 5745
Saul Binder*Jul. 14, 199820 Tamuz 5758President and CEO of Success National Bank in Chicago. He was active in supporting community groups, Community Foundation of Jewish Education, a trustee of the Foundation for the Special Education District of Lake County, chairman of the banking division of the Israel Bond Committee and a member of the Chicago Executive Board of the Anti-Defamation League. Known for his driven, colorful personality and was a proud member of KBS.
Jeanne Blum*Aug. 10, 200616 Av 5766Barry Blum's mom. Born in Russia and came to America with her family on the last ship to leave Europe before WWI to live in New York. She married Joseph Blum, a dentist, and raised two sons, Robert and Barry. She loved learning. Later moved to San Francisco and then lived her final years at The Regency in Kailua-Kona, and was over 100 when she passed. She loved and was deeply loved by her children, grandchildren, great grandson and KBS.
Bill Borkan*Sep. 17, 201313 Tishrei 5774Engineer, inventor and philanthropist. Owned The Shops at Mauna Lani and gave KBS free rent there.
Mickey Bowman1998 or 1999?Sister of Barry Gitelson. Memorial Service at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau
Ruth Irene BrattonFeb 8, 20227 Adar 5782Ruth Irene Bratton, mother of Alice Bratton, passed away in Crawfordsville, Indiana, at the age of 94
Abraham BrightmanNov 4, 200229 Cheshvan 5763Ruth Bernstone's father passed away at age 84, following a long illness. He was a very active, athletic man before he became ill, and always loved life to the fullest. His outgoing personality and willingness to help his neighbors made him a well-known fixture in his Florida community. A self-taught and self-made man, he loved to travel, dance and listen to classical music, especially opera. He was always there for his family and is truly missed
David BrightmanOct 29, 201213 Cheshvan 5773Ruth Bernstone's brother
Rebecca BrightmanSep. 16, 200927 Elul 5769Ruth Bernstone's mother
Lawrence William CohnJan 22, 201612 Sh'vat 5776Born Jan. 12, 1948, in Palo Alto, Calif., he spent his law career in private practice (in Kona), served for a time as a per diem judge for the State of Hawaii.
Jim CollierAug 5, 20037 Av 5763Although Jim wasn’t sure he was Jewish, having been adopted and not knowing his birth parents’ religion, he felt a connection to KBS. A good friend to many members of the congregation, he requested Jewish services following his passing from ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s disease”).
David CrohnMar. 21, 19944 Nisan 5759
Padma Rag DattaAug 18, 199522 Av 5755Lois-ellin's husband, who dedicated his life's work to using science to improve human welfare and preserve the environment
Pauline Donovet*Aug 7, 199511 Av 5755Was first secretary of KBS
Sonya EliasFeb. 13, 20198 Adar 5779Mother of Tamar Elias
Corey EliasJul. 3, 201516 Tamuz 5775Sister of Tamar Elias
Isidor EliasJun. 22, 200212 Tamuz 5762Father of Tamar Elias
Jacob FeldmanMar. 21, 200814 Adar II 5768
Bob FeldmanApr. 12, 200310 Nisan 5763Bob was one of the creators of Kona Beth Shalom’s Virtual Library project. Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, he died suddenly and unexpectedly. An engineer in the field of military aeronautics he was part of the design team of the Stealth Bomber before moving to Hawaii. Bob was beloved by his wife of 18 years, Carol, and by his two children, five grandchildren, two stepchildren and five step-grandchildren.
Arthur FeldmanJun. 3, 198818 Sivan 5748
Tony Franken*Oct. 8, 201222 Tishrei 5773Tony served on the KBS Board from 2005-2008. Incidentally he was Al Franken's cousin
Dr. Phil FreedMar. 20, 201913 Adar II 5779Veterinarian in Kona
Leona FreemanAug. 29, 19731 Elul 5733Leona was Alysa's mom who passed away when Alysa was 2½. She was raised in Coney Island, nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital, fun-loving and loved by all
Abraham FreemanMar. 23, 201313 Nisan 5773Alysa Freeman's adored father. He was raised in the Bronx, accountant, lover of Broadway musicals, NJ Giants fan. Kindest and most generous soul. 
Florence FreemanOct. 23, 200520 Tishri 5766Alysa's second mom who came into her life when she was 5 years old is still missed every day by Alysa. Raised in the Bronx, worked as a Spanish translator and was known for her honesty, sense of humor and deep kindness.
Evelyn Bernzweig FriedmanDec. 18, 196524 Kislev 5726Sara Nealy's aunt
Edith FrieserApr. 8, 201519 Nisan 5775
Ari GildenerJul. 23, 201811 Av 5778Born in Jerusalem and later emigrated to the United States to live in New Jersey. In the 1960s he moved to Canada where he met his wife, Michelle, and then moved to Hawaii in 1980. His considerable skills enabled him to fix just about anything and everything.
Edith GimpelMar. 1, 199115 Adar 5751Joel Gimpel's mother
Alan GimpelOct. 22, 199417 Cheshvan 5755Joel Gimpel's father
Eileen Gimpel*Nov. 22, 199611 Kislev 5757Joel Gimpel's wife and mother of their two children. Died in Kona.
Kris GitelsonFeb. 7, 20226 Adar 5782Wife of Barry Gitelson
Pauline GitelsonMar. 12, 200228 Adar 5762Beloved mother of Barry Gitelson, passed away in Lewes, Delaware. Born in Hackensack, NJ, Pauline lived in Kona for seven years during the 1980’s and as an entrepreneur helped to create “Barry’s Nut Farm.” She later returned to the mainland but always dreamed of returning to Kona. E noho hau'oli, e aloha, e 'aka.
Lewis Ira Glaser*Jul. 11, 20198 Tamuz 5779From Brooklyn. Retired macadamia nut farmer. Enjoyed sitting on the beach in Kona. Husband of Carolyn Greenfeld. Buried in West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery.
Dr. Gary GoldbergJul. 30, 20209 Av 5780Chief Medical Officer of Queen’s North Hawai’i Community Hospital passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at home at age 59. He was an emergency physician for over 30 years including over 20 years at NHCH. Dr. Goldberg received his medical degree from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. He also served as a Member of the Regional Board of Directors, West Hawaii Division, for HHSC (Hawaii Health Systems Corp, the Governing Body for Kona Community Hospital).
Sig GoodeFeb. 18, 200620 Sh'vat 5766A bicycle and movie poster devotee. He was born in October 1930 and lived in Captain Cook. He was a devoted customer at the old Aloha Theatre Café.
Sol GordonDec. 3, 20086 Kislev 5769 Sol Gordon, Ph.D. was a controversial writer, lecturer, and professor of child and family studies who specialized in children and teenage sex education. He founded the Institute for Family Research and Education at Syracuse University in 1970. Sol was born on June 12, 1923 in Brooklyn, New York. He wrote and published over 25 books, most for children, teens and their parents. He was a leading pioneer in sex education, and lectured extensively in the U.S. and abroad. He was Gloria Blum's mentor and visited Kona on several occasions.
Barbara GreenOct. 11, 201417 Tishrei 5775Wife of Richard Green, died at the age of 67 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. A longtime Marin resident, Barbara enjoyed hiking on Mount Tamalpais, skiing in Tahoe, and golfing with family and friends. 
Jo Michele GreeneJul. 7, 201217 Tamuz 5772Passed away on Oahu, buried in Beit HaShamayim
Bill HauserDec. 5, 201717 Kislev 5778Food and Beverage Manager at the hotel (Keauhou Beach or Kona Surf?) who was most generous with KBS during the years when we used that facility for Shabbat Services
Richard HectorJul. 6, 20003 Tamuz 5760
Louis HeymanApr. 2, 19907 Nisan 5750
Pearl HeymanFeb. 6, 200414 Sh'vat 5764Marilyn Anderson's mother
Sarah Perl HeymanFeb. 6, 200414 Sh'vat 5764
Harry Highkin*Aug. 16, 20072 Elul 5767The husband of Lorraine Highkin, he died at the age of 89 at home in Kona. Harry was a California State University at Northridge professor emeritus and plant physiologist. He was born in New Haven, Conn. and looked remarkably like Albert Einstein.
Dr. Leon HymanJan 4, 201513 Tevet 5775Highly respected allergist and immunoligist in Kona. Husband of Alex Bliss Walker
Vera Betty JanesAug. 9, 20045 Av 5765Mother of Paul Janes
Arthur JanesJun. 15, 197810 Sivan 5738Father of Paul (Shaul) Janes
Stephanie Nelson JongertJul. 12, 20213 Av 5781Stephanie's sister, Neicy Nelson, notified us that Stephanie passed away in Nakamura Hale, Hospice of Kona's residential home in Holualoa on July 12, 2021 at the age of 75. She had cancer. Their father was Native American and their mother was Jewish. They both used to attend KBS services in the late 1980s.
Ellen KimiatekApr. 2, 200826 Adar II 5768Joel Gimpel's oldest sister.
Dr. Gerald Klaz*Sep. 7, 20197 Elul 5779Family practice physician, lived part-time in L.A. Husband of Paige Halliday.
Morton KleinSep. 18, 200514 Elul 5765
Ernie Knapp*Jan. 16, 20213 Sh'vat 5781A lively fellow who used to be a member of KBS. Sometimes he was a challenge to get along with and he found a home with Chabad after he left KBS. In the past he used to attend our services with his beautiful and beloved service dog "Mordy" (Mordechai). Not only would Mordy make rounds at Kona Community Hospital bringing solace to patients there, when he attended KBS services with Ernie he would sometimes wear a yarmulke and stand when it was appropriate, and sit (or lie down) when appropriate. Ernie is survived by his wife, Dr. Zee Knapp, his daughter and son, his brother, and four grandchildren.
Dr. Clifford KoppOct. 14, 201612 Tishrei 5777Dentist (prosthedontist) in Kona, well loved for his many community service activities.
Lillian LabesDec. 19, 201123 Kislev 5772Meredith Miller's mother
Irving LabesApr. 16, 201112 Nisan 5771Meredith Miller's father
Saul Lelah*May 10, 201825 Iyar 5778Born in Singapore. Father of Ruben Lelah (Kona psychologist)
Geraldine LevineApr. 28, 201014 Iyar 5770Wife of Steve Levine (Kona)
Seymour Lewis*Aug. 27, 200219 Elul 5762Seymour was the father of Barbara Lewis. He first arrived in Sacramento in 1940 and never let go of his dreams for a better world for all people. Forever the optimist Dr. Lewis founded the Zionist Organization of America District in Sacramento. He was the second President of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region. He was instrumental in raising funds to rescue Jews from Nazi Europe and for Israel both before and after statehood. He led services at Folsom Prison for Jewish inmates. He foresaw the need for education for Jewish youth in the greater Sacramento area as early as 1980 and was an active member of congregations of B'nai Israel and Mosaic Law Synagogue. He was the first spiritual leader of Congregation Kona Beth Shalom. Later returning to California, he passed away in Sacramento.
Jeanette Lewis*Oct. 27, 200228 Tishrei 5769Wife of Seymour Lewis. Mother of Barbara Lewis
Leah LissauerFeb. 2, 199118 Sh'vat 5751Mother of Ruth Glatt. Born in New York and lived in Yonkers. In 1947 she moved with her husband Sidney and daughter Ruth to live with Uncle Herman in Los Angeles. Rabbi Herman Lissauer was Research Director for Warner Bros. He also ran the "Modern Forum of Los Angeles." Ruth remembers meeting many notables at his home, including Mme Chiang Kai-Shek, Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. Leah broke her hip in 1990 and moved to Kona where Ruth took care of her until her passing at age 88.
John Marean*Aug. 25, 201510 Elul 5775Second husband of Roz Silver. He was Canadian. Their romance began online.
Roz Silver Marean*Dec. 17, 20155 Tevet 5776One of the founders of KBS
Jacqui Marlin*Jun. 10, 202130 Sivan 5781Jacqui used to be a member of KBS. She (later) lived in Hilo. She died while scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands. She was active in the Big Island Woodturners Club and the Hawaii Chapter of the American Bamboo Society. She was married to Alfred Marlin of Kurtistown who died in 1999, a retired schoolteacher. Jacqui is survived by her son Kenan, daughter Rinah, and several grandchildren. Jacqui called herself the "Goddess of Chaos."
Harold MeltzerApr. 22, 202027 Nisan 5780A retired Real Estate broker in Hawaii, but most of all a great storyteller. He always began every conversation with a new joke. And his jokes were funny! Passed away in Denver where he was receiving medical care and interred next to his parents and older sister at the B'nai Brith Cemetery in Peabody, Massachusetts. Ta-ta!
Talia MillerAug. 19, 199827 Av 5758Granddaughter of Lorraine Highkin
Danny MillerSep. 4, 197721 Elul 5737
Herman MillerApr. 18, 19992 Iyar 5759
Eugene MillerApr. 8, 20077 Nisan 5767
Martha "Marty" MillerJan. 31, 20205 Sh'vat 5780Marty, Joel Gimpel's youngest sister, earned a PhD in Women's Studies from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Her dissertation, "Tevye's Daughters: Jewish Experience and Women's Identity in the United States," explored the meaning of identity in modern American society through the stories told by and about Jewish women. She had been a high school math teacher, artist, exercise guru, crochet instructor and author of books and magazine articles on crochet designs. She passed away at the hospice shelter in Greensboro, North Carolina. Marty is survived by her dear husband Ed of nearly 53 years, son Matt (Adrian) Miller, brother Joel Gimpel, grandchildren Meridian Lowe and Miles Miller, great granddaughter Nova Lowe, and many cousins, nieces and nephews.
Dr. Paki (Bailey) MyersMar. 9, 201629 Adar 5776Paki was born in New York and became a physician, practicing as an Emergency Room Physician at Kona Community Hospital and later having her own private practice in Kealakekua. She died at age 72 and is survived by her wife, Zan Myers of Ocean View; daughter, Maya Myers; her brother and sisters, and numerous nieces and nephews
Erwin Myhre*Nov. 10, 200923 Cheshvan 5770Shomer for our Torah for many years
Helen Myhre*Jul. 1, 20143 Tamuz 5774Wife of Erwin Myhre
Dr. Roy G. NagleMay 3, 202121 Iyar 5781In 1984, Roy moved to Hawaii and established his internal medicine practice in Kealakekua. He later served as Kona Hospital's second Medical Director. He moved to Florida in 2005. Roy was born in 1932 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa before attending Medical School there, both schools on full scholarship. His first wife, Pat, passed away in Kona in 1999. Roy died in Florida and is survived by his second wife, Jean, one daughter, one son, three stepchildren, three grandchildren and four step grandchildren.
Dean OlchDec. 17, 20188 Tevet 5779Son of Ruth and Myron Glatt. A master of the shakuhachi, the Japanese flute. His music can be heard on the soundtrack of "Shogun," the 1980 TV miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain. Passed away in Thailand.
Lyman Olney*May 1, 19985 Iyar 5758
Goldie Olney*Dec. 1, 199812 Kislev 5759
Mildred Packer*May 5, 201021 Iyar 5770Wife of Ed Packer
Ed Packer*Oct. 2, 200914 Tishrei 5770Ed was born in Philadelphia and was raised in the Orthodox tradition. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a bombardier during World War II. Following the family business he became an upholsterer. He and his wife Mildred moved to Kona in 1978 where they formed Packer Reality, in business until 2004. Ed later established Packer Nursery, well known throughout the United States for their high quality plumeria cuttings. He was buried in West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery
Nina PerrellAug. 28, 201210 Elul 5772Lived in Hawi
Hadassah PlautJul 23, 200323 Tamuz 5763Mother of Yehudah Plaut, she was born in Detroit and passed away in New York at the age of 82. She was a passionate member of HaShomer HaTza'eer, the first Zionist youth movement for the Jewish people.
Rabbi Walter PlautJan. 3, 196418 Tevet 5724Rabbi of Temple Emanuel of Great Neck, New York and father of Yehudah Plaut in Kona. A refugee from Nazi Germany, Rabbi Plaut was one of 4 rabbis plus 8 white Protestant ministers, 6 AME black ministers and NAACP activists on the first Interfaith Freedom Ride on a Greyhound bus traveling from Washington, DC, through South Carolina, to Tallahassee from June 13-16, 1961.
Phil Plotkin*Jul. 7, 201025 Tamuz 5770Husband of Sarah Kramer. a veteran of the Army National Guard. He loved traveling through Asia with his wife, Sarah, and found a special place in his heart for the people of Tibet and Nepal. In recent years, Phil completed a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and visited the Potala Palace in Tibet. He enjoyed trekking in the Himalayas and white-water rafting down the Ganges River in India. Phil had a kind and loving heart. His ashes were scattered at the shore of Puako
Lisa PozenApr. 14, 200423 Nisan 5764
Elmer RabinMay 2, 199118 Iyar 5751Born in Chicago and died at age 73 in Honokaa. Cattle broker in Waimea. Husband of Helen Rabin who was first treasurer of KBS
Teunisse RabinSep. 9, 20023 Tishrei 5763Teunisse was a thirty-year-resident of Kona and was an artist, arts administrator, teacher, tireless youth advocate and activist and was a founding member and executive director of SKEA (South Kona Education Association). She was the devoted mother of Miriam, Peter and Eric, and the beloved wife of Arnie Rabin.
Robert ReichmanJun. 14, 20214 Tamuz 5781Bob was born in Far Rockaway, Queens (NY) in 1935 and graduated college with a degree in agriculture. He moved to Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo, CA and then to Hawaii. After returning to California for a while he came back to Hawaii in the 1960s. Known as "Makalawaena Bob," in 1989 he became the caretaker for one of the most beautiful beaches on this island where he surfed nearly every day. He is survived by his wife, Kije Hazelwood, several children from previous marriages, Michael and Kyrie, step-children Aaron, Tanya and Rebekah, and his brother Sidney in Florida.
Sara Axlerad RibnerJul. 30, 19528 Av 5712Sara Nealy's grandmother
Sarah Burger RibnerAug. 13, 200124 Av 5761Sara Nealy's grandmother
Abraham David RibnerMay 23, 197816 Iyar 5738Sara Nealy's grandfather
Richard Ribner, MDNov. 29, 20002 Kislev 5761Sara Nealy's uncle
Isaac RibnerJan. 22, 198117 Sh'vat 5741Sara Nealy's uncle
Dr. Ray RosenthalApr. 10, 200229 Nisan 5762Ray practiced traditional medicine in Hawaii as an internist and an emergency room physician, and also had a keen interest in Ayurvedic medicine. He was a leader in the field of complementary medicine. He was a beloved friend, father, physician and healer. He was gravely injured in a traffic accident riding his bicycle on Alii Drive and died several days later.
Herman RosnerSep. 15, 201410 Elul 5774Father of Leon Rosner
Lily RosnerApr. 19, 200925 Nisan 5769Mother of Leon Rosner
Jerry Rothstein*Jan. 23, 200514 Sh'vat 5765The father of Ann Rothstein, Jerry was one of the founders of KBS. A farmer and community leader ("a citizen doing citizen's work") Jerry graduated Brooklyn College in 1958. He moved from New York to Hawaii in 1970 and with his wife, Judy, lived in Hilo and Kona. He was first and foremost an environmental and political activist. Among other accomplishments he was a charter member of local Sierra Club Group, initiated the "Save Hapuna" initiative and was a founder of PASH "Public Access Shoreline Hawaii." The accident that took their lives occurred as they drove home after celebrating the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat in Lapahoehoe with members of KBS. He and his wife Judy were the first to be buried in KBS's Beit HaShamayim.
Judy Rothstein*Jan. 23, 200514 Sh'vat 5765Wife of Jerry Rothstein. Their son, Gary (Natan), who now lives in Israel, was the first Bar Mitzvah on Hawaiiisland (as Jerry called the Big Island). Judy was the pianist for New Thought Church. Mother of Ann Rothstein.
Dr. Charles (Chaz) Salzberg*Apr. 25, 20091 Iyar 5769West Hawaii physician. He specialized in pain management
Robert Salzberg*May 7, 20035 Iyar 5763Bob was born in Germany where he was trained to be a baker. He was a champion track & field star in his city but was fortunate to leave there in 1937 and come to the U.S. He settled in NYC with an uncle. There he met Helen, his wife of 62 years. They were married in 1941. After living in California for 37 years, they moved to Kona in 1982 to be with their daughter, Una Greenaway, and granddaughters. Immediately upon moving here he was recruited to bake the ceremonial challah for KBS, which he did faithfully for 16 years. Robert spent the last 20 years of his life as a coffee farmer and world traveler.
Helen Salzberg*Jun. 28, 201126 Sivan 5771Born in Brooklyn. Mother of Una Greenaway and servied on the Board of KBS.
Nancy Satz*Sep. 23, 201923 Elul 5779Therapist in Kona
Barry Saunders*Nov. 16, 200018 Cheshvan 5761A Damon Runyanesque "character" in Kona who posthumously donated funds for the KBS Aron HaKodesh. He died in California after a kidney transplant rejection.
Prem Nagar (Jay Schoenfeld)Apr. 1, 199310 Nisan 5753Born in Millbrae, California, Nagar was known to many as he rode around Kona on his bicycle delivering fresh wheat grass juice. He was a notable photographer of Kilauea Volcano. He was standing on a fresh lava bench, attempting to photograph the entry site of lava into the ocean when the bench crumbled into the ocean. His body was never found.
Rabbi Nathan (Natan) Segal*Jul. 23, 201920 Tamuz 5779Natan passed away at his daughter's home in Santa Cruz, CA at the age of 70. He was born in Chicago, a descendant of 12 generations of cantors and rabbis born in Jerusalem.  He was an artist, musician, healer, preacher, father, all around magic maker. He was the first rabbi ordained by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z”l, (one of the founders of the Jewish Renewal movement). He and his older brother, Joseph, received orthodox training as youths. Their beautiful harmony, extraordinary sense of humor and variety of songs entertained people of all ages, including children's songs, folk, rock, reggae and traditional spiritual delights that move you to sing along. In 1977, the brothers moved to Mill Valley, CA where they founded Shabbos Shul, a congregation that needed no siddurim. Prayers were sung and danced. Musicians, rabbis, and other remarkable men and women often visited Shabbos Shul from throughout the world sharing their own talents. In 2013 Nathan came to live full time on the Big Island.
Grace Goldsmith SeldonDec. 3, 201330 Kislev 5774Joan Jackson's mother, born June 6, 1917
Samuel SeldonApr. 19, 200428 Nisan 5764Joan Jackson's father, born May 19, 1917
Leon Sevilla*Aug. 31, 19955 Elul 5755Born in 1910. First came to Hawaii when he started his business in China.
Rabbi Mark Shapiro*Aug. 28, 20208 Elul 5780Served as High Holidays Rabbi for KBS in 2000 and 2001. He was Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim (BJBE) in Chicago from 1962-2000, and later was an active Rabbi Emeritus for the remainder of his life. He was also the Chair of the Czech Torah Network, the educational organization dedicated to remembrance and Jewish spiritual continuity by connecting synagogues and religious institutions like KBS that have Czech Torah Scrolls. He provided us with all the names of the Jewish Polna residents that we recite during Yizkor each year.
Roy Sharfin*Jun. 18, 200815 Sivan 5768A longtime Taos Dentist and 5th grade science teacher in New Mexico and also taught science in an elementary school in Ecuador. He and his wife Sharon moved to the Big Island about two years ago before he passed and were active members of KBS
Mildred Sigler*2005 or 2004 ?Ed Sigler's wife
Edward Sigler*Aug. 9, 20021 Elul 5762Ed was from New York and studied with the famed Art Students League. He became a sheet music artist who created classic covers and advertising art for such famous music icons as Irving Berlin, Kate Smith and Gene Autry. Later he concentrated on human movement, painting hula, sumo wrestling, the Ironman Triathlon, and eventually boxing. He had his Bar Mitzvah with KBS at age 93
William Silver*Mar. 31, 20012 Nisan 5761Roz Silver's first husband. An accountant in Kona
Dr. Louis SpielmanMar. 17, 20102 Nisan 5770Kona anesthesiologist who then retired to become a farmer. Brother of Dr. Stuart Spielman, one of KBS' first presidents.
Dr. Madlyn SteinMay 1, 201626 Nisan 5776Trina Yerlick's aunt
Charles SteinmanMar. 23, 197126 Adar 5731Judy Steinman's dad, Dr Charles Steinman, was a vascular surgeon with 17 patents to his name. He died at age 49 from a cerebral hemorrhage the day after performing an 8 hour surgery to save an 86 year old man’s life. It was he who taught Judy her love of Judaism (and also the proper way to swing an axe to chop wood).
Alexander Robbins SteinmanSep. 11, 200123 Elul 5761Judy Steinman's second cousin who was killed in the World Trade Center
Ida SteinmanNov. 30, 19892 Kislev 5750Judy Steinman's beloved grandmother. She walked across Russia and Europe, smuggling fish, salt, furs and anything else she could scrounge. She grew grapes, horseradish, apples, cherries and beefsteak tomatoes on a tiny strip of land in Staten Island and lived to the age of 99
Lewis H. Strauss*Dec. 12, 202026 Kislev 5781Lewis was born in New York City and then moved with his family to Washington, DC. His father, Rear Adm. Lewis L. Strauss, U.S.N., was chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission from 1953 to 1958. In the late 1970s or early 80s he moved to Hawaii with his wife, Dara, and the couple built their home in Holualoa. He was an early member of KBS. Lewis was a physicist and an inventor. After Dara passed away, Lewis remained in Holualoa for several years and eventually moved to Scottsdale, Arizona with his companion, JoAnn Shelly. He was 96 or 97 when he died in Scottsdale and is survived by two daughters and one son who live on the East Coast.
Mark TalismanJul. 11, 20198 Tamuz 5779Named to the President's Commission on the Holocaust under President Carter, he was one of the founders of the US Holocaust Museum. He selected our Torah from over 1,500 scrolls that had been uncovered in a warehouse in Prague meant to be part of a Nazi "Museum of a Dead Race" after the war, but were later brought to the Westminster Synagogue in London to be restored. He brought our Torah scroll to us in 1985
Jerome WalzerJun. 15, 197920 Sivan 5739Trina Yerlick's father. He was a businessman in New York and an art collector.
Bernice Weiner*Oct. 22, 20065 Cheshvan 5767Mother of Eileen Weiner and the inspiration for Eileen's "Doing Bernice," a one-woman musical about caring for her mother who had Alzheimer's Disease
Enez WeinronkMar. 18, 201417 Adar II 5774
David WeinronkNov. 15, 19695 Kislev 5730
Leonard WeisserFeb. 23, 19932 Adar 5753Husband of Rebecca Weisser.
Rebecca Weisser*Sep. 7, 20133 Tishrei 5774One of the founders of KBS. Moved to Portland, OR where she eventually passed.
Miriam WexlerMay 18, 200427 Iyar 5764Mother of Sandy Wexler
Nat Wolozin*Apr 6, 200526 Adar 5765Brother of Pauline Donovet. Born on Dec. 16, 1918, in Waterbury, CN and later lived in Kona
Morty Breier* Mar. 25, 20043 Nisan 5764In 1989 a man who was raised as a Jewish atheist in a community of Yiddish speaking communists in the Bronx, moved to Hawaii’s Big Island. He joined and then assumed leadership roles in several of Kona’s spiritual communities, including Kona Beth Shalom. Always a man to question authority, he taught his friends his world view that saw our planet, and indeed our entire universe, in the most optimistic perspective. Morty believed in a timeline of inevitable progression of universal consciousness that moved from the formlessness of the Big Bang toward the next steps that would ultimately lead us to more awareness, more compassion, more civility, and indeed, more wisdom. This was no less than Morty’s belief in God, his proof of God’s existence. All of us who came into contact with this scientist and engineer, artist, poet and musician, teller of jokes, adventurer and provocateur were his students, and we will never forget him or what he taught. Morty Brier passed away in the arms of his beloved wife, Karen. His ashes were buried at the Hebrew Cemetery on Memory Lane in Greenwich, CT, and scattered at his Mahi St. home and from the top of the Empire State Building where the prevaling winds blew them over the Bronx.
Ed Belfordbefore 2005 ?Owned the Capt Cook Mini-Mart
Mickey Bowman1998 or 1999?Sister of Barry Gitelson. Memorial Service at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau
Mildred Sigler*2005 or 2004 ?Ed Sigler's wife


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