Congregation Kona Beth Shalom Yom Kippur services on Tuesday evening September 18 and all day Wednesday September 19 were led by Rabbi Daniel Lev and former KBS president Shari Berman along with the musicians of our congregation – Joel Gimpel, Marvin Feldman, Yehuda Plaut and Aviva Plaut – and the many members and visitors who helped make the observance especially meaningful.


Kol Nidre evening Rabbi Daniel gave an insightful d’rash on holiness and Yom Kippur day featured a powerful social commentary by congregation member Yehudah Plaut. We are pleased to share these highlights with you via video links:

Rabbi Daniel Lev – Kol Nidre

Yehudah Plaut – Yom Kippur Day

Tekiah Gedollah (featuring Vic Greenspan)

L’shana tovah – to all a good, healthy, peaceful, sweet new year.